Your selection of ebook retailer isn't like your selection of favourite political party, sports or religion team. You need not and shouldn't restrict yourself to just one retailer "team." Spread to as many retailers as you possibly can. Ebook retailers and e-reading apparatus manufacturers are investing millions of dollars - sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars - to bring readers to bookstores and their apparatus. See almost any major city and also you locate e-reading apparatus ads on billboards, bus stops as well as in subway trains. They're all bringing readers to bookstores and their apparatus for the mutual advantage.

Benefit from their attempts. Every important ebook retailer would like to carry self-ebooks that are published. The picture below shows a little sample of a few of the retailers that carry self- ebooks that are published. For the past two hundred years, conventional publishers restricted access to retail supply and commanded the printing press. The ebook printing press is free as well as accessible to all today. The supply portion of the company has gotten fully democratized. You've got two main alternatives for delivering your publication to ebook retailers. The primary alternative would be to work with an ebook provider. The next alternative would be to upload your publication right to the few retailers that run their particular self publishing platforms.

A blended strategy is chosen by some Smashwords writers. The majority of our writers will upload direct to Amazon subsequently use Smashwords to reach all another leading retailers since we offer small distribution to Amazon only at that time. Someday, we want to provide complete supply because many of our writers would rather reach Amazon via Smashwords as we do with other leading retailers. The most important advantage of a working using a vendor is time management. An excellent provider can help you spend more time writing and less time fussing with distribution.

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